Homeschool Consistency Bootcamp Challenge

Pam Barnhill of Homeschool Solutions is hosting a Homeschool Consistency Boot Camp Challenge.

The course closes on February 24th. Click here to find out more details.

Here is what Pam says you can expect from her course:

A unique blend of accountability group and online course.

Learn the benefits of homeschooling consistently and why this is such an important habit to cultivate.

Discover the myth of homeschool independence and how it might be sabotaging your homeschool.

Find out how a few simple habits can make a huge difference to your homeschool morning — and they don’t involve getting up at dawn or working out.

Get tips on how to avoid distractions and derailment — and what to do when that happens.

Learn the difference between grace and excuses.

Build your own habit of personal accountability to last long after the boot camp ends.

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